• Keys & Lans

Prayer Vs Manifestation! Enter Mise-Ansie

Updated: May 19

Your billionaire heroes are joined by a black Queen as they share their thoughts on prayer as opposed to manifestation. We all grew up being told to pray to the Lord and well Keys seems to have a problem with that and prefers manifestation... someone get a bible. Lans stomach makes a surprise appearance and interrupts a powerful speech by our guest. In the mix of the conversation the controversial "god gene" is brought up and an explanation is given as to how slavery still cripples us as black people today. It's about to get deep.... y'all ready to talk about it? Email us for any legal or paralegal advice, for any dating or mortality concerns or if you got any questions about how we became billionaires. : Hit us up on instagram : Our personal accounts: Link us on our Facebook page : Our Twitter : Our Youtube Channel: Our Official Website:

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