• Keys & Lans

Is It Spouse Before Children‪?‬

Two hearts joined as one or two halves that create one? On this incredible episode we have two special guests Philip & Emerald along with their bundle of joy to answer a conflicting question.... spouse before children or vice versa, the answer is remarkable to say the least! Also does true love ever die or fade away? Halfway through the ride Emerald cracks Lans' tough guy exterior, Philip reveals Keys' dreaded nickname and are you smarter than a fifth grader returns! Get ready for a touching episode & let's talk about it! P.S Keys' retells the story of his cousin Nicki( poor guy really misses her huh?) Email us for any legal or paralegal advice, for any dating or mortality concerns or if you got any questions about how we became billionaires. : Hit us up on instagram : Our personal accounts: Link us on our Facebook page : Our Twitter : Our Youtube Channel: Our Official Website: The Floor Medic : The Sand Bar: GRIT Scrubs:

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