• Keys & Lans

Interracial Marriage Is.... Wrong?

This Episode Is Proudly Sponsored by Mr.MixNasty! Bartender extraordinaire Jordan Rahming leaves some supplies from his latest endeavor, outstanding cocktails..."Chemical X" & "Lit Fix". Contact Mr.MixNasty himself on Facebook: Ladies & Gentleman for this week's episode Keys & Lans share opinions about Dr. Umar Johnson and his feelings on interracial marriage, the killing of a young black girl and more. Lans also succumbs to the effect of the "Lit Fix" and insults single mothers while praising the deadbeats... you read that correctly folks. Safe to say this is gonna be an interesting one. Email us for any legal or paralegal advice, for any dating or mortality concerns or if you got any questions about how we became billionaires. : Hit us up on instagram : Our personal accounts: Link us on our Facebook page : Our Twitter : Our Youtube Channel: Our Official Website:

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