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AOT: G.O.A.T Of Anime!‪?‬

Yaooo! Keys & Lansanators welcome to episode 58! Keys proclaims Attack On Titan is the greatest anime ever, cap? Lans rages against the Queen, Keys, Gabi, People that want to cancel Eminem & the Bahamian people that suck at protesting. Keys also explains a belief which states that everything was basically created Last Thursday..yehp you read that right anddd Lans rages against that too meanwhile raging against other beliefs(angry guy isn't he?). Y'all get ready for a guiness fueled episode and enjoy because it's much more in store. Email us for any legal or paralegal advice, for any dating or mortality concerns or if you got any questions about how we became billionaires. : Hit us up on instagram : Our personal accounts: Link us on our Facebook page : Our Twitter : Our Youtube Channel: Our Official Website:

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