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2 Guys 5 Love Languages

As the 60th episode draws near the billionaires known as Keys & Lans go against the norm as men and discuss the 5 love languages, rank them in order of how they prefer to be loved & give tips on how to deal with people regarding each individual language. Heavily inspired by John Krasinski's "Some Good News" they decide to create a new segment called "One Good Thing" to highlight one positive story an episode. Keys reveals another ridiculous story of how gullible and immpresionable he is concerning Jet Li & Lans would rather eat WHAT over drinking WHO!? Email us for any legal or paralegal advice, for any dating or mortality concerns or if you got any questions about how we became billionaires. : Hit us up on instagram : Our personal accounts: Link us on our Facebook page : Our Twitter : Our Youtube Channel: Our Official Website:

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